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Alberto Diaspro, MD, MSc; Albina Kadjaya, MD; and George Sulamanidze, MD, PhD

present the findings of their pilot split face study on the impact of HA threads on skin wrinkles


Background: stimulation of collagenesis, triggered by poly-Lactic acid (PLLA), allows practitioners to enhance the long-lasting performance ensured by poly-caprolactone (PCA); however, it takes months to develop. Given the anti-ageing effect of hyaluronic acid (HA), it has now been embedded in PLLA-PCA threads, making it possible to achieve skin amelioration.

Objectives: this split-face pilot study highlights the differences between traditional and the new HA threads. It also aims at quantitatively assessing, using Quantificare Skin Analysis software (Quantificare S.A., Valbonne, France), wrinkles and skin texture on six subjects before, 1 and 3 months after thread insertion.

Methods: 5 threads were implanted in the right cheek, and 5 HA threads in the left cheek. Patients were checked for the following 30

and 90 days.

Results: HA threads show a better clinical outcome in skin microwrinkles. Skin texture appears to show the same outcome as normal threads.

Conclusions: the presented results point out the positive outcome of these new HA threads: a less inflamed post-insertion period and a unique tool that obtains a simultaneous lifting effect and skin rejuvenation. Further studies on larger patient groups are indeed needed to confirm these preliminary results.

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